For the third year, with all the Sacre Bleu team we organised the Loire Art Show festival in Orléans.



This year we invited Grems, Stom 500, Niark, Charles Foussard, Veks, Enoraone, Koye, Boku,
The Francs Colleurs and  the Aerophone collective show.
Jean Michel Ouvry and I participated too.






This is not a Nintendo advertising
Click on the picture if you want to see it big.






With the participation of my friend Stom 500







Aérophone collective show
My flag, Jean Michel Ouvry‘s flag and Missy‘s one



Part of the Francs Colleurs’ room







Portrait by Ludovic Letot



See you next year Orléans !
Merci Luc Dieudonné, Luc Remaud et ozoom for the pictures



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